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I would love to see all my driver friends work here

By Jason Phillips

Overall, Don Hummer Tucking is an amazing company to work for I really haven't found a problem with them so far. I have been here going on two years now and I was able to take a real vacation this year with my family for the very first time ever. I have always wanted to go on vacation but I wasn't able to with any other company I was with. Their dispatchers are top-notch in my book. Anytime I have had a problem with a load it was fixed as soon as possible that way I could get onto the next load and get down the road. The shops are very friendly and will work with you to get your truck fixed as quickly as possible but they will as do it right not a quick fix and out the door like others have done that I have worked for.

Their terminal might be in Iowa but every time I have to go out there for something it's nice cause of them having a company car you can use to go to the store or just out to eat while you're there. Like I said before Hummer is an amazing company and I would love to see all my driver friends over here with me someday. And I tell everyone that asked about Hummer it's a lovely place to work for you get the home time you want and they are very family-oriented. Family comes first and foremost in Don Hummer's eyes and that's the way it should be everywhere. I hope this review helps someone come to Hummer but if not that's ok too. Good luck and be safe.

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