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Very Proud to be a Don Hummer Driver

By Darryl Jenkins, Driver

"When I started with this company I had no or little experience as a driver, I went through the training phase, I was very pleased with the trainer. And the training program the safety team, my DM, was very helpful to a rookie like me. What little experience with driving for another company and working with the owner-operator I had was a joke. Don Hummer gave me an opportunity to drive and become a professional driver. I really can go on and on about this company and how good I feel about being with them.


One thing I can say they take care of their trucks, they take care of their drivers, they don’t make us wait for preload, if you’re not getting enough miles it’s not the Company's fault, they keep you running!


I don’t think I could leave this company in search of more money. An excellent company to work for. Very proud to be a Don Hummer driver. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to see from Rookie to a professional driver, however, I’m still the rookie..."

-Darryl Jenkins, Driver

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