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You will Get Home Time, Guaranteed!

By Devon Petit, Driver

"So many things to say about my experience with Don Hummer Trucking.

Firstly, if you are a professional driver looking to expand your experience...this is the company to work for! Not only do they pay extremely well compared to most OTR companies, they're also family oriented, which means you will get home time, guarenteed! I dont know about you, but that means a whole lot to me.


Secondly, the organization with load schedules is remarkable. As soon as I finish one, I get one. I dont sit, waiting for a load anymore, thanks to Hummer. They realize that if you aren't moving, there is no pay. It's planned out so well, that I even receive my weekend loads, so that I may be prepared ahead of time.

I strongly urge anyone looking to better their job placement, to give Hummer a try! I can guarantee you won't be upset.
Tractors come equipped with refrigerators, and inverters. (Free of charge to the driver) I cant tell you how much money it has kept in my pocket, not having to purchase these necessities, another HUGE thank you to Hummer!

Please if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in a message (on Facebook), or better yet, contact a recruiter today, they can surely provide more information than I can!"

-Devon Petit, Driver

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