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Ultimate Driver Challenge


The Road To 2 Million Miles

The Ultimate Driver Challenge: The Road to 2 Million Miles program was developed in 2022 to recognize professional company truck drivers at Don Hummer Trucking who have reached specific milestones in their driving career with Hummer.

Setting the standard for safety is part of our mission at Don Hummer Trucking. This program was designed to recognize drivers and their families for their commitment to safety. Prominent recognition in the Homestead driver’s lounge, an award for drivers’ families to proudly display, and an annual celebration are a few of the ways these drivers are celebrated for their commitment to safety.

Names are updated monthly with special recognition for drivers who retire from Don Hummer Trucking.




500K Safe Mile Recipients

Lewis B.

Charles B.

Chris D.

Melanie O.

Mark M.

Jonathon E.

David O.

Nathan B.

Robert O.

Michael H.

James L.

John M.

Donald M.

Jim R.

Cazim R.

Roger A.

Gary M.

Colby J.

Randy D.

Jamie B.

Michael W.

Lisa W.

Travis A.

David B.

Curtis H.

Michael S.

Steve S.

Scott K.

John E.

Steve A.

Ronald R.





750K Safe Mile Recipients

Todd G.

Marcus D.*

Mevludin D.

Ryan C.

Bruce P.

John W.

Gerald F.

Steven D.

Scott H.

Ramon Q.

Chad B.

John K.

Kenneth H.

Anthony McC.

Byron M.

Walter S., Jr.

Andrew G.

Chad D.

Patrick M.





1 Million Safe Mile Recipients

Scott E.

Jack F.*

Mark G.

Steve K.*

Perry L.*

Arash O.

Jeff T.

Curtis V.

Rodney C.

Ricky H.

Michael N.

Ricky D.

Leroy McC.

Juan V.

Steve G.

Matt E.





2 Million Safe Mile Recipients

Hasan F.

Lee B.







Retired Million+ Safe Mile Recipients

Lynn T.* (retired)

Clifford S. (retired)

Tom N.* (retired)    

Ken A.* (retired)

Robert P. (retired)

Steve S. (retired)

Steve J. (retired)  




*Independent Contractor

Last Update 03/2023
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