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Posted on March 23, 2016 at 1:38 PM by Blog Committee

Don Hummer Trucking’s Heroes to Hummer program is an extension of our training program, entitled Driving Forward.  This program allows veterans to transition out of a CDL training program into an apprenticeship which enables them to earn extra money while they participate in Don Hummer Trucking’s, Driving Forward program.  As a benefit of their military service, many veterans are qualified for the GI Bill or Post 9-11 GI Bill, and with this benefit they can earn as much as $15,900 in their year-long apprenticeship with Don Hummer Trucking.  Don Hummer Trucking’s Driving Forward apprenticeship is the only program in Eastern Iowa that is approved by the Veterans Administration and the Department of Labor.




Many of the participants in our Heroes to Hummer apprenticeship program are active drill status members.  While others have completed their duties and have moved on from their military careers into a career in trucking. Don Hummer Trucking allows its Heroes to Hummer participants and all veteran employees with an honorable discharge and a valid DD-214, to personalize their truck with military decals specific to their branch of service. Don Hummer Trucking is proud to employ a fleet that consists of 10% veterans.


Written by: Matt McPherson





Mike Dommer, Veterans Education Consultant at the Iowa Department of Education

Phone: (515) 281-3516



Vicki Terronez, Veterans Services Coordinator at Kirkwood Community College

Phone: (319) 398-5633






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