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Watch Out for Frozen Brakes

Posted on November 28, 2016 at 9:47 AM by Blog Committee

Watch Out for Frozen Brakes This Winter

Getting started after a winter storm or parking in cold weather has a few challenges. If you have to wait out a winter storm, take special care on your pre-trip inspection before getting back on the road. Please pay attention to your front grill to make sure snow and ice have not built up. This could block airflow to the engine and cause your engine to overheat, even in cold weather.  


Brake shoes may freeze to the brake drums if your brakes were warm and damp when you parked. Deal with this situation slowly and carefully, just like almost everything else in winter driving. Release both the tractor and trailer emergency brakes.  Then push on the brake pedal and hold for one or two seconds. This can put up to 1800 foot-pounds of pressure on the brake drums – a lot more pressure than anyone could manage with a hammer.  Push down and release the brake pedal several times. G.O.A.L and then back up a few feet before moving forward. This should clear the ice.


When pulling ahead, slowly serpentine and check your mirrors, and make sure ALL tires are rolling freely. 


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