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No matter the job, you’ll fit in at Hummer

Posted on November 3, 2021 at 11:00 AM by Blog Committee

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No matter the job, you’ll fit in at Hummer



Company/OTR CDL-A Truck Drivers

When Brian P. was driving for other carriers, he said he’d have “well, that’s just trucking” moments when things went wrong. At Hummer, that hasn’t happened.“They keep me running. I make good money. When I want to go home, I go home,” he said. 

Brian has been an OTR driver at Hummer for two years. His previous carrier was a smaller, family-owned company. With Hummer, he was able to keep the family-atmosphere he loved without sacrificing the pay, support, or home time he would expect from a larger company. 

“There is a very family atmosphere,” Brian said. “Everybody treats you the way you want to be treated; treats you like a human being.” 

Don Hummer and his son Chris, President of Don Hummer Trucking, both still hold their CDL and Don regularly runs loads. For Brian, that made all the difference. 

“Well shoot, they’re doing the same thing I’m doing. So, they don’t think they’re better than anybody else,” Brian said. “It was kind of a pleasant surprise to see that your owners still drive.” 

Hummer offers OTR drivers like Brian the longer miles they want but with home time they can count on. While on the road, Brian said he feels good about recommending Hummer to other CDL-A truck drivers. 

“If you want to come to a good company where you’re going to run and make money and you feel like part of a team, you’ll love it here,” he said.  



Scheduled CDL-A Truck Drivers

In over 20 years of driving, after working for carriers big and small, Mark said Hummer is probably the first company where the people he works with call him by his name. 

“When you work for a big company, you’re just a guy who earns money for them. You’re just a number, a dollar sign. And they treat you that way,” he said. “Hummer doesn’t do that.” 

When Mark goes to the shop, he said the mechanics treat him like a person, and do what they can to keep his equipment up to his standards. And “if they don’t have an answer, they’ll go get the answer,” he said. Because, at Hummer, we value our drivers. 

“They let you know that ‘You’re the reason that we’re here,’ So they treat me with the respect that I’m due,” Mark said. 

Our CDL-A scheduled regional truck drivers like Mark run on a standard schedule. So, they know when they’re going out, when they’ll get home and how much they’ll get paid. Mark became a driver for Hummer “kind of by accident,” he said, but he has no plans of leaving.  

“It’s a good company,” Mark said. “If you get into the company, you’ll stay with the company.”



Dedicated CDL-A Truck Drivers

Dedicated Driver Larry jokes that he was “inherited, not hired,” when Hummer acquired the carrier he was driving for in 2012. Now, he can’t imagine driving for anybody else. 

“It’d be easier for me to give you a list of things I don’t like than a list of things I do like – because it’d be very lengthy,” Larry said. “They’ve tried to make me happy in every way they possibly can and I can’t complain about anything.”

Hummer has the best equipment and shop support, according to Larry, but the pay, home time and people, are what’s keeping him.  

“I think in everybody’s career, you’re looking constantly for that place where you actually fit and I can honestly say right now this is where I feel I fit,” he said. “I feel a close tie, family-wise, with this whole company. I plan on continuing as long as they’ll have me.”  

Hummer offers dedicated runs with steady pay and stable freight. And we work hard to make sure drivers like Larry are happy and find success. 

“If you do your part, they will do their part, and beyond, to try to keep you happy,” Larry said. “If you’re feeling mistreated anywhere else, this is the place to be.” 


Don Hummer Trucking has a variety of OTR, scheduled and dedicated jobs available for CDL-A drivers like you! Talk to our recruiting department to find out more!


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