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Recent Graduates

Driving Forward: Driver Development Program

Upon successful completion of coursework, you begin on-the-job training with experienced trainers who are there to support and advise you.

The Driving Forward program consists of several stages allowing for multiple interactions with trainers and giving you the opportunity to build confidence in your own skills gradually, in a controlled manner. When training you will not be expected to operate as a “team”. Your trainer will supervise and advise from the passenger seat while you gain real-world driving experience.

If you have recently completed a driver training course and would like to learn more about being placed with a Don Hummer Trucking trainer, please contact recruiting at 888-323-6115.



Drivers Receive Compensation While Training!

New drivers will be paid a salary for training, and receive an increase in compensation at the successful completion of each stage. Upon completion of all four stages, you will receive certification to be eligible for regional or national compensation packages. Even while training with us, we consider you a full-time employee, and you are eligible for all benefits.



We are excited to utilize resources close to home such as Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA and Des Moines Area Community College in Des Moines, IA.

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