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The New myPilot App is Here!

Posted on August 26, 2016 at 1:42 PM by Blog Committee

The New myPilot App is Here!

On August 18th, Pilot/Flying J updated their myPilot App to help save time and make life a little easier.  Listed below are some of the enhanced features that may interest you and help you save some time.

  1. Fuel Lane Availability.  This feature uses technology to show you which lane is likely to open up next, decreasing your time spent fueling.
  2. Reserve Showers.  You can see the number of showers in the facility, how many are currently available, and if you have shower credits, you can reserve one right from the app.
  3. Mobile Fueling.  You can start the fueling process right from your phone resulting in shorter time spent at the pump.
  4. Parking. Reserve a parking spot whenever and wherever you need. Soon, you will be able to have access to real-time parking availability. 
  5. Find Food. Choose from more than 400 restaurants across the country. There is something for everyone. Want healthier options? Use the app to find something near you.

To view all of the enhancements, head to the Pilot website!

Or, check out this video on the myPilot App:

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