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On the Road with Chris (2 of 3)

Posted on September 15, 2017 at 4:46 PM by Blog Committee

A few thoughts from the week...


1 - In general, truck stop parking is terrible. I know the investment is huge and truck stops have a lot of overhead, but our drivers deserve better. Fortunately, truck stop showers are clean and very functional.


2 - There is not enough respect for a driver's time. Customers have room to make drivers more efficient. They don't seem to realize every minute counts and time is the most precious commodity. On Duty Time, Off Duty Time, Drive Time, Sleeper Time, and of course, Home Time. The clock is always ticking.


3 - Most of the employees at the locations that I visited were professional and polite. A few of them I would hire in an instant if they were looking for a new job. The check-in person at the Sams Club DC in Loveland, CO and at Pepsi in Denver, CO, and the shower attendant at Pilot in Council Bluffs stand out in my mind.


4 - Everything takes longer than you think it should.


5 - There is essentially no CB chatter amongst drivers. I don’t really understand why. This was such a great way for drivers to communicate and understand what was going on ahead of them if there was a need to change lanes, to get help with directions, a recommendation on a good place to stop or to just pass the time. There was a comradery and brotherhood that existed back then.


Written by Chris Hummer, President

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