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Veteran's Day 2017

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 3:30 PM by Blog Committee

In honor of Veteran's Day, we thought it would be great to share some photos of our drivers, employees and their families in uniform.


Gene Lewis  Don Hummer Trucking Driver

United States Army 1977 - 1979: Stationed in Germany 



Gary L. Edwards  Father of Greg Edwards, Safety and Training Manager

The United States Coast Guard 1959 - 1963: Served during the Cuban Bay of Pigs



Matthew Slovack  Don Hummer Trucking Driver

The United States Marine Corps 2000 - 2001



Brian Knaack  Don Hummer Trucking Driver and Trainer

United States Army 1989



Danielle Simonsen Travis Schueler’s daughter

Army National Guard

Travis Schueler Don Hummer Trucking independent contractor

United States Army 1994 - 2015



Jim Dahlke  Stepfather of Travis Schueler

Multiple tours in Vietnam



Blake Heller  Boyfriend of Akeyla Choate, Claims Processing Specialist

The United States Marine Corps 2009 - 2015



David Dull  Father of Dena Boelter, Human Resource Director

The United States Marine Corps 1968 - 1972



Christopher Passmore (left)  Husband of Sadie Passmore, Operations Assistant 

The United States Marine Corp 2006 - 2010: Iraq deployment 2007

Left to right - Chris, Grant, and Danny



Gahart Ladwig  Grandfather of Jazmine Ladwig, Assistant Fleet Manager

United States Army 1942 - 1952



Robert Greer  Don Hummer Trucking Team Driver

United States Army 1978 - 1986



Leo C. Heisel  Father of Leo Heisel, Don Hummer Trucking Team Driver

United States Navy 1944 - 1946



Leo Heisel  Don Hummer Trucking Team Driver

The United States Air Force 1978 - 1998



Lynette Heisel  Don Hummer Trucking Team Driver

The United States Air Force 1981 - 1986



Theo Roseberry  Son of Lynette Heisel, Don Hummer Trucking Team Driver

United States Army 2010 - 2016



Glen Ballinger  Grandfather of David Boughton, Parts & Warranty Manager

United States Army 1917-1918: WW1– Siberia


Leslie Abshire  Great-grandfather of Andrea Prymek, Recruiting and Retention

United States Army 1919: WW1– France

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