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Posted on April 5, 2018 at 9:54 AM by Blog Committee

The Importance of Reading Maps

Professional drivers need to be able to read a map. It is the primary tool used to locate customer pick-ups and deliveries, rest stops, or unrestricted routes. Reviewing the map legend gives you an overview of the symbols and defines terms like “designated route.” It is imperative that a driver learns to recognize them quickly when reading a map. Taking the time to review the entire atlas allows access to a lot of great information. For professional drivers, the atlas needs to be a Motor Carriers' Road Atlas.


To find a specific map in an atlas, just use the table of contents or index page. The table of contents lists the main sections by page number, while the index page lists all the states and cities in alphabetical order.

Atlas pages include maps of specific areas and relevant charts or diagrams. The charts and diagrams are used to convey information about the scale of the map, populations, area size, states or regions and capital cities. Dotted lines are generally used to show state or province borders, while a solid lines indicate international borders.


The design of the grid (numbers and letters along the outer edge of a map) is to help you quickly find the location of a city, town, or village on a map. Look in the last pages of the atlas (atlas index) and identify the the state. Then find the city, which are listed alphabetically. Printed next to the name is a grid locator. Now look at the state name to find the page number for the state map. On the state map, letter coordinates are listed down the side of the map and number coordinate across the top or the bottom of the page. Where the two grid lines intersect is the general area where the city is located. 


Written by Greg Edwards

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