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On the Road with Chris: Part 2

Posted on October 23, 2018 at 4:31 PM by Blog Committee

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Chris headed out on the road to get a feel for what our drivers experience on a daily basis.


Part 2 (days 4-7):


View through Truck mirror in parking lot


I was on the road before sunrise on Wednesday, in order to make the 6 am delivery. Check in and check out was easy and I was unloaded in about an hour and swept the trailer out at the dock. I ran the empty trailer over to another nearby customer and headed for a truck stop to get fuel and a shower. Once I was fueled, I headed for the Utility Trailer plant in Paragould, Arkansas to pick up a brand-new trailer before taking a bit of a detour to Nashville for some meetings on Thursday and Friday. Because of an accident on I-40 west of Nashville, I ran out of hours about 40 miles outside of Nashville and struggled to find a parking spot for the night. 


After a couple of days in Nashville for meetings, I got back on the road Saturday morning. I deadheaded to Indianapolis to pick up a load bound for Iowa. There was a lot of construction and 45 and 55 mph speed zones on I-65 that added time to the trip. I eventually dropped the empty and picked up a loaded trailer that I had to weigh again because the load was heavy. I then made my way to our lot in Davenport, Iowa where I dropped the load and headed back to where it all started at our Homestead Service Center.


Image of a dirt truck drop lot filled with trailers.

Image of a Don Hummer Trucking truck parked at a lot.Image of multiple Don Hummer Trucking trucks parked in a lot with other trucks.

Image with a panoramic view of the warehouse drop lot yard from inside a truck.


Written by Chris Hummer, President


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