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Planning for a Soft Landing: How to Safely Handle Trips and Falls

Posted on January 2, 2024 at 9:30 AM by Blog Committee

Winter Fall Dynamics: Quick Actions Can Make a Difference

A fall on ice or snow can be sudden and unexpected, yet there are immediate actions you can take to mitigate injury. Let’s explore essential techniques tailored for winter conditions:

  1. Lean Forward, Stay Flexible: If you start to slip, lean into the fall while keeping your limbs flexible. Avoid locking your arms, elbows, or knees, as stiff limbs can lead to more severe injuries.

  2. Protect Your Head: Head injuries are a serious concern in winter falls. If falling forward, turn your face away to protect it. Falling backward? Tuck your chin to your chest to prevent your head from striking the icy ground.

  3. Avoid Hazards: Be aware of your surroundings. Falling onto hard ice, sharp edges, or against objects can increase injury risk. Aim to fall in a clear area if possible.

  4. Target Thicker Body Parts: Falling on meatier parts of your body, such as your backside or thighs, can help absorb the impact better than landing on bony areas.

  5. Roll to Distribute Impact: After hitting the ground, rolling to your side can help disperse the force of the fall, reducing the stress on any single body part.

Prevention and Preparedness in Winter

Preventing falls is as important as knowing how to fall safely. Here are some winter-specific preventative measures:

  • Use Ice Grips for Shoes: Attachable ice grips can significantly improve traction on icy surfaces, reducing the risk of slips.

  • Scatter Salt or Sand: Regularly treat your walkways with salt or sand to melt ice and increase foot traction.

  • Maintain Good Visibility: Shorter days and longer nights in winter mean less natural light. Ensure your outdoor areas are well-lit.

  • Exercise Caution on Uncertain Surfaces: Ice can often be hidden under fresh snow or appear as "black ice" on pavements. Approach these areas with caution.

  • Keep Fit and Balanced: Maintaining physical fitness improves balance and strength, which is vital for navigating slippery surfaces.


Winter brings with it a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to preventing and safely managing falls. By being prepared and understanding the right techniques to use if a fall occurs, you can significantly reduce your risk of injury. Always be mindful of icy conditions and remember that when it comes to winter falls, you have some control over your landing. Stay safe and steady this winter season, and remember these tips for a safer journey through the snow and ice.


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